“Boom Boom” Gonzales, meet “Boom Boom” Crespin

Posted on 31 January 2013   News flash

lowres-DSC_3928Story by Gerardo Martinez
Photos by Jose Leon Castillo 

There will be no belts at stake, there will be no crown at stake  and it’s only going to be a four round bout, but fans at the Johnny Tapia Presents card at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Friday night, can expect to see a bomb of a battle between New Mexico’s two “Boom Booms.”

“I’ll be the better fighter of the night on Friday night,” stated the 21 year-old Amanda “Boom Boom” Crespin, of her lightweight contest this Friday night. The Las Vegas, NM native will be facing Albuquerque’s 30 year-old Brenda “Boom Boom”  Gonzales.

Yes, New Mexico boxing fans you read it correctly. Both of these women share the same monicker of “Boom Boom”.

“I think I had it before her,” attests Crespin, who was unaware until recently that she was sharing her nickname. “Ever since I was little, my dad has called me ‘Boom Boom.”

Crespin has tasted the “Boom Boom” of her opponent before. Both women have had the pleasure of sparring each other in preparation for previous fights.

“She definitely has some power on her, but so do I” declares the Las Vegas native.

Crespin is now under the tutelage of Fidel Maldonado Sr. at the Atrisco Boxing Gym in Albuquerque’s South Valley, where she’s been since August. Her first fight under Maldonado was last year’s stomping of late sub and debuter Raquel Olivas, which lasted less than a minute.

This time around she has a credible opponent in KOTC female lightweight champion Gonzales who is 4-0, 3 KO’s in MMA and 2-0, 1 KO in boxing. Gonzales will also have a credible opponent for the first time in her boxing career as both women she’s faced in boxing have been pro debuters.

“We’re just gonna go in and fight my fight and use angles on her,” says Crespin. “I’ll work around her punches and not get caught up brawling.”

Crespin says she’s fought MMA fighters before and states that she will have no issue in adjusting to the awkward style that Gonzales brings.

Fans can be sure that Gonzales will bring the pressure and put Crespin’s skills to the test in the 126 lb contest. Gonzales last fought in December of last year in an MMA card. Her last boxing match was in 2011.

Crespin feels prepared for the pressure as she has sparred with Albuquerque’s Victoria Cisneros, Lynae Lovato and, of course, all the guys at Atrisco Boxing Club, including Fidel Maldonado Jr. She states that her dad has helped her prepare mentally and her current coach has prepared her physically. Fans should prepare to see what should be the fight of the night between these two women at the sure-to-be packed Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom.


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