Danny to sit Johnny’s memorial out; Romero sends condolences

Posted on 03 June 2012   Updates

Received Saturday night from the attorney of Danny Romero:

“As Danny Romero’s long time personal attorney, Danny has asked me to issue his sincerest deepest condolences to Teresa and Johnny Tapia’s entire family. Because of Danny’s utmost love and respect for Johnny, Danny has decided he will not be attending the pubic memorial service for Johnny in the Pit tomorrow evening. Danny is very concerned that his presence will distract from the solemnity of the event. Danny feels that tomorrow evening’s memorial should be focused completely on Johnny’s memory and the support of the Tapia family. Danny has already spoken to the Tapia family and has issued his personal condolences to them.

“Johnny’s and Danny’s rivalry was part of the business of boxing. In reality, Johnny and Danny were very dear friends and colleagues; they were like brothers. They spoke often and regularly during the many years before and since their epic battle. Danny and John were united by their love of boxing; but that unity was forged by their love of Albuquerque and its passion for boxing.

“Danny will miss Johnny very much.”