Report: “Battle at the Ballpark”

Posted on 17 October 2011   Fight report

Ringside by Gerardo Martinez
Photos by Jose Leon Castillo 

If El Paso’s Jennifer Han does not have a fan club president yet, she better get one soon as she spent more time using her hands outside of the ring signing autographs for fans Saturday night at “Battle at the Ballpark” than against her sub par opponent, DJ Morrison, who retired on her stool ten seconds into the fourth round.

“She was trying to land the Hail Mary shots,” Han said afterwards. “She came to fight but was not technically efficient.”

In fact, Morrison was technically deficient throughout the fight offering more hugs than punches to El Paso’s Sweetheart Jennifer Han at the Zeferino Entertainment main event.

With an announced crowd of close to 3,500 in attendance, Han wowed the crowd with speed and movement. She wasted little time against Morrison and began punishing her opponent from bell to bell with straight lefts and rights. On her stool after the first round Morrison already looked winded. The second and third were much of the same. Had Morrison grabbed a bat from the Cohen Stadium dugout she still might have not caught  the elusive Han with anything. She decided to retire on her stool to the cheers of the crowd.

Zef Ramirez, Han’s promoter, said that he would like to see Han fight for a world title early next year. If Han continues her winning ways the world title could be within reach.

“It was a good fight to get out of the way,” said Han. “I know my opponents are gonna start getting tougher.”

Grimaldo beats late sub

Despite a late, late sub, recently-signed Zeferino Entertainment fighter John Ryan Grimaldo (7-1, 5 KOs) of Colorado had trouble with late sub Ubaldo Torres (0-2) of El Paso.

Torres was the taller fighter and had the longer reach, and he used his jab to keep Grimaldo at bay and deter him from coming in and landing power punches in the first round.

Grimaldo was able to land an overhand right that stunned the lefty Torres in the second. Torres answered back with a flurry of punches to end the round.

Grimaldo won the third with aggressiveness and both men exchanged in the fourth with the Coloradan landing a hard right upstairs to punctuate the round. After four rounds the judges scored the fight 40-36, 38-38 and 39-37 giving Grimaldo the majority decision win.

Reza-Schoonover fight of night

In what was the fight of the night heavyweight debuter Eric Reza (1-0) of El Paso got the W with quick feet and an unusually high output of punches for his weight.

Reza used good defense to avoid the punches of former UFC fighter Derrill Schoonover (0-1) in the first round while landing straight rights and lefts upstairs. Schoonover came out more aggressive in the second, but was backed up against the ropes by the heavier handed Reza.

In the third Reza concentrated on the body of Schoonover and was able to land thudding hooks to the body. Schoonover intelligently wrapped up Reza after getting winded and spent the rest of the round pitter patting to keep his opponent off.

With a swollen right eye Schoonover came out swinging in the fourth trying to surprise Reza. As soon as his opponent’s gas tank emptied out Reza pounced on him and landed an overhand right the wobbled the legs of Schoonover. Reza tried to force a KO, but smothered his own punches and allowed Schoonover to end the fight on his own two feet. The scores of 40-36 twice and 39-37 were announced over the noise from the boisterous crowd, giving Reza a unanimous decision win.

Garcia struggles with unwon Torres

What should have been an easy win for El Paso amateur standout Joel Garcia (4-0, 1 KO) was made difficult by Laredo’s Reymundo Torres (0-4).

Garcia won the first with speed and power. Torres slowed him down with an obvious low blow in the second. Garcia recovered from the low blow and went straight at Torres landing body hooks in return.

Both fighters came out willing to exchange in third with Garcia overpowering Torres who landed a second low blow. This time he was deducted a point. Torres continued coming forward in the fourth, but Garcia continued beating him to the punch. Torres’ punches were too wide and Garcia kept on sneaking in hooks to the body until the final bell.

At the end of four Garcia won a deceptive unanimous decision with scores of 40-35 times three.

Galarza wins grudge match

Comebacking Jo Jo Galarza defeated fellow El Pasoan Raul Carrillo in a lightweight grudge match.

Galarza looked a little soft bellied and Carrillo tested him in the first with body shots. Carrillo was dropped in the second with a combination to head and body. He got up and survived the round by resting against the ropes and clinching.

A recovered Carrillo took advantage of Galarza’s round of rest in the third by landing body punches. Galarza came back in the fourth and knocked out Carrillo’s mouthpiece with a left right combination upstairs. Jo Jo punctuated the round with a flurry of punches that had his opponent on shaky legs. At the end of four Galarza took a unanimous decision win with scores of 39-36 twice and 39-37.

. . . And still unwon . . . 

Giving a valiant effort was Albuquerque’s Michael Coca Gallegos (0-10) who added another loss to his record by losing on the scorecards, 39-37, 38-38 and 40-36, against El Paso debuter Josue Garcia (1-0).

Garcia was willing to exchange to get in his own shots throughout the four round welterweight contest. Gallegos never stopped punching until the fourth round when both boxers looked to be winded.

Old guy beats young sub

In the curtain raiser, Joe “The Law” Sullivan (4-4, 4 KO’s) outhustled his younger opponent, Patrick Dixon (0-1), and stopped him late in the third round of their heavyweight contest.

Sullivan used body shots to wear down Dixon in the first and second round. In what would be the final stanza, Sullivan forced Dixon to his knees twice with repeated hooks to the body. After the second knockdown, Dixon was unable to recover before the referee called a halt to the bout at 2:32 of the third round giving Sullivan a TKO win.